Personal Lawyer programme

Having signed an agreement with International Legal Group "LEGATO", the subscriber receives a plastic ID card to a standard pattern, which shows information about the program, telephones communications with lawyers and attorneys.

The benefits:

  • Upon presentation by the subscriber of this document, the representatives of law enforcement bodies are obliged to immediately supply the lawyer.
  • The subscriber program has significant benefits when paying for future services of a lawyer.

The "Personal Lawyer" allows individuals to use the services of highly qualified lawyers and attorneys of the company's international legal group "LEGATO" to obtain high-quality and efficient legal assistance on matters of interest.

In its work on the protection of citizens' rights attorneys work closely with various government agencies, as well as with law enforcement that helps you quickly find optimal solutions to complex problems faced by the client.

The "Personal Lawyer" includes the following services:

Legal aid

  • Providing over the phone initial consultations on legal issues;
  • Providing phone consultations on issues of personal safety and behavior in potentially dangerous situations and conflicts (harm to the client or his property);
  • Providing telephone advice relationships with law enforcement agencies, namely:
  • claims by employees of the Federal migration service;
  • detention by the police;
  • conducting a search;
  • the imposition of the bailiffs of arrest on the property.