Corporate Law

Corporate Law is one of the key areas of activity of our company.

Our activities are focused on building and optimizing holding structures. Our recommendations allow customers to improve their controllability of the liable to check companies to minimize the risks, which the group is exposed to optimize taxation, increase the capitalization of the holding company.

We provide our clients with consulting services on current issues that arise in their day-to-day activities, and accompany the implementation of complex projects. We have successful experience in supporting collaborative enterprises, mainly in the field of mining, oil and gas and agriculture sectors as well as in the field of export-import relations between Russia and China.

Direct private investment

Corporate Issues

• Assistance in establishment and registration of private investment funds in foreign jurisdictions;

• Assistance in establishment and registration of mutual funds in Russia;

• Services to investors/partners in conducting legal due diligence of the assets of investment funds;

• Conducting legal due diligence of the assets subject to investment;

• Transaction support debt financing;

Tax Issues

• Advice on international tax planning;

• Tax advice on structuring acquisitions of assets and financing;

• Tax aspects of creating and managing private investment funds and mutual investment funds;

• Analysis and recommendations for reducing tax risks for portfolio companies.


Supporting the clients in contractual work, our lawyers can provide the following range of activities:

• Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, negotiating their the conclusion, including Agency contracts and Commission agreements, construction contracts, leases, supplies, services, distribution agreements;

• Preparation of supporting documentation for contracts (acceptance acts, agreements, renewal, termination of contracts);

• Legal audit of contractual base of companies, development of internal regulations of companies, regulatory, contractual work, the procedure for the conclusion and alteration of contracts;

• Identification and analysis of business risks within the newly created or existing contractual relationships;


For supervision of key aspects of the potential transaction with the purposes of making decisions about investment or acquisition transaction, we conduct a comprehensive legal due diligence of the object in relation to the company or assets that will be acquired in the transaction. When conducting such due diligence, as a rule, we investigate the following aspects of the object of the transaction

• company establishment and registration , issues of securities, legal aspects of transactions involving shares of the company;

• corporate management, compliance with corporate procedures, approval of transactions, the payment of dividends;

• immovable property;

• fixed assets and other property;

• intellectual property;

• labor relations;

• key customers, suppliers, major contracts, documents related to the purchased assets or the business.