Dispute Resolution and Mediation


We support our clients to prevent and/or resolve a conflict situation:

  • we create draft documents and/or evaluate the client's documents: the perspective of whether the protection of their interests, if there is a conflict situation
  • we develop the strategy of behavior to prevent conflict situations or to get out of them;
  • we assess risks of  legal disputes and their prospects;
  • we collect evidence for negotiations that strengthen our client's position in arisen disputes.
  • we develop complex legal arrangements focused on early restoration of violated rights of the client

In some situations to protect interests of our client (return of funds, performance of a contract and so on) it is not enough to go to a court with a lawsuit. This is due to the fact that even obtaining a favorable judgment and writ of execution will not give the desired result. In such cases, the lawyers draw up a specific legal strategy for the prompt and effective protection of the interests of the client.

• we develop strategy and tactics of litigation or groups of related litigation.