Tax law and tax disputes


We advise our clients on the tax aspects at all stages of investment projects, provide comprehensive support on various tax issues of a current activity of the company and successfully resolve issues related to taxation, investment and financial activities. Our task is to provide the client with information and legal support necessary to build a successful business in Russia, taking into account industry specifics.

Including complex questions, such as:

• Legislative execution on profit tax, VAT, income tax, property tax and other taxes;
• Group taxation;
• Taxation of subsoil use;
• The use of tax deductions and exemptions;
• Refund of VAT for export;
• Calculation and payment of excise taxes;
• Taxation of physical persons.

The resolution of tax disputes includes the following services:

• legal support during the Desk and field tax audits (analysis of legislation and primary documentation, drafting responses to the demands of the tax authorities, assistance in the selection of documents, establishment of correct relations with the validator);
• define the strategy and tactics of the dispute according to the results of a tax audit, assessment of the prospects for resolution of the dispute with the tax authorities and courts;
• preparation of objections to the tax audit report and participate in the review of materials testing manual tax authorities;
• preparation of appeals and other complaints in court and superior tax authorities;
• preparation of applications to the court and evidential material on the case;
• preparation of statements concerning the prohibition of collection accrued amounts and taking other security measures to end of the dispute in court;
• representing the company in court proceedings;
• compensation for damage caused by unlawful actions of tax authorities.


Identification of tax risks and overpayments is a legal instrument tax saving and security companies, in the course work provides an individual approach to the client, in particular, take into account industry specifics.

Our identification of tax risks and overpayments are:

– we prepare reports and practical recommendations for reducing tax risks and use tax overpayments.
– we develop programs tax risk management.
– we escort process the return and credit of taxes of the company.