Labor and Migration Law

Stable and successfully developing of any company's business depends on effectively structured patterns of staff and impossible without competent legal registration of labour and organizational relationships. That is why issues related to human resources, require special attention and are relevant at any stage of company development.
Effective legal mechanisms governing the relationship between the company and its employees, allow the company to minimize legal risks and ensure the reliability and success of your business.

Leading legal experts in the field of labour law and immigration law, with significant experience working on complex support of major Russian and international projects.


In relations with the Federal Migration Service
• Representing clients in the course of administrative proceedings conducted under inspection by the immigration authorities.
• Assistance in preparing for possible revision and development of models of behavior in case of audit.
In relations with the Federal labour Inspectorate
• Assistance in preparing for possible inspection and protection of clients ' interests during inspections.
• Representing clients in the course of administrative proceedings carried out by the results of audits of labour inspections.
In relations with law enforcement block
• Legal examination of the actions of law enforcement bodies of the unit (power structures) within the administrative and criminal proceedings.


Migration legislation

• Advising on issues related to the legalization of foreign workers in the territory of the Russian Federation.
• Conducting migration audit companies in order to identify possible risks from the point of view of migration legislation and preparation of recommendations for their elimination.
• Advising on risk reduction identify existing violations of migration legislation in the course of inspections.

Labour and civil law

• Legal assistance in choosing the best way to formalize working relationships with foreign.

Tax legislation

• Advising on the full range of issues relating to taxation of income of foreign citizens in connection with the work.